The pink wave infects more and more people. On this occasion, the Government of Meta joined the colorful world of the ‘Barbie’ doll. Through an advertising campaign, they made a commercial to promote the Joropo International Tournament.

Since the movie was confirmed, until the day the official trailer was released, several fans have been eager to see the Greta Gerwing production, which tells the story of the mythical Mattel doll.

(Of interest: They discover Barbie’s house in the town of Bosa: they called it ‘La Barbosa’).

Through social networks, the Government published the video of the event. In thisthe real images of the trailer were used, the only thing that changed were the voices of the characters ‘Barbie’ and ‘Ken’who talk about the plans they have for these holidays.

In the footage, Margot Robbie invites Ryan Gosling to attend a the parties and events that are coming in the department of Meta.

“Taking advantage of the fact that I have vacations, I will go to know Caños Cristales and I will be in the Joropo International Tournament,” was heard in the commercial.

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Next, the footage was accompanied by several photos and videos of the artists’ presentations, folkloric dances, concerts and everything that the tournament represents, which will take place from August 16 to 21 in Meta.

The recording gathers more than three thousand “likes” and 412 thousand reproductions on Twitter. In addition, users applauded the ingenuity of the creatives to capture the attention of the public and promote the cultural event.

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“Raise the salary of the one who did this”, “I have never felt so patriotic”, “I loved, the one who did it deserves recognition”, “Taking advantage of Barbie to another level”, “Look at this gem”, “Friend, you you are Meta Barbie herself” and “The marketing is taking this too far,” some users wrote.

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