A trail of light in the sky in the form of a zigzag caught the attention of thousands of people in France and Spainwho did not hesitate to share images and videos of the phenomenon on their social networks.

The strange figure in the sky generated alertness and fear. In fact, Internet users talked about it being ‘chemo-trails’, This concept stems from the chemtrail conspiracy theory.in which it is believed that chemical or biological agents are sprayed from the sky to cause harm to the population.

However, in the face of the rapidly approaching wave of fear, experts gave the possible explanation of the phenomenonwhich has nothing to do with irreparable damage to people.

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With a white and reddish color, the wake that formed in the sky interrupted the nightfall of France and Spain last Tuesday June 27th.

According to experts, it could have been caused by the launch of a French hypersonic missile.

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In fact, Marco Langbroek, an expert in monitoring optical phenomena in space and a professor at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Delft (Netherlands), recalled on his Twitter account that The General Directorate of Armaments (DGA) of France had announced that between June 26 and 30 the experimental flight of a French military aircraft would take place.

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It is an expected phenomenon in this type of flight that has nothing to do with the false theories of chemtrails.

Likewise, the astrophysicist and researcher Josep Maria Trigo, member of the Research Network on Bolides and Meteorites and professor at the Institute of Space Sciences of Catalonia (CSIC-IEEC) told The vanguard This usually happens on this type of flight.

“Sunlight increased the visibility of this contrail and the stability made it possible for it to be maintained for a long time, which would also explain the deformation, in any case, it is an expected phenomenon in this type of flight that has nothing to do with false chemtrail theories,” he said.


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