On several occasions, events of supposed apparitions or religious phenomena have emerged that capture the attention and curiosity of many believers worldwide. Recently, a video has circulated on social networks, in which it is claimed that it shows the Virgin Mary crying in a church in Mexico.

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The phenomenon of religious apparitions has always generated diverse interpretations and opinions. Some believers consider these events to be divine manifestations or miracleswhile others may be more skeptical and seek scientific or rational grounds.

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During the last days, a video has circulated on social networks where apparently the Virgin Mary is crying, according to the claims of believers.

In the recording you can see the image of the Virgin of Sorrows of the Cathedral of Christ the King, Mexicowith what appear to be “tears” in her eyes.

The video was published on July 9 of this year and has managed to attract the attention of hundreds of users, those who incredulous assure that it is an edition.

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“I don’t know if it’s because of the resolution and the fact that the filmer moves the camera a lot, but it seems to me that He also moves his lips and eyes. The church in these cases is always very reserved and rarely concedes this type of manifestation as authentic”, “I very much doubt that they are tears, if you have ever visited Huejutla you know that that is sweat ”, “These things always happen in towns that no one has ever heard of”, are some of the comments that stand out the most.

The video showing The Virgin Mary apparently crying in a church in Mexico has generated a great debate among parishioners and society in general. Some see a miracle or divine manifestation in what happened, there are more skeptical people who seek scientific data to support their opinions.

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It is important to note that generally These phenomena or apparitions are subject to personal interpretation and debate, since each person must form their opinion based on their beliefs and personal experiences.

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