After knowing the separation of the Colombian artists ‘Goyo’ and ‘Tostao’‘ In mid-March 2022, while the singer was recording for the renowned cooking reality show ‘Master Chef Celebrity’, the eye of Internet users has not stopped being on the members of ChocquibTown.

Many were surprised that this couple with a daughter and after 20 years of marriage they separated, after accustoming their fans to always being together, since from the beginning as a group it was common for them to be accompanied both in promotions of their musical singles, and in their personal lives, given their love relationship.

Although the artists They did not reveal the reasons for their divorce at the timethe 42-year-old singer, showed through his social networks his new relationship with Guigliola Valencia, a dentist and close friend of his ex-wife.

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Reason why he was apparently criticized at the time by some of his followers, there were even negative comments towards the dentist, in which one could read: “Right now Goyo must feel worse for the betrayal of her best friend” and “The stage of having a best friend and introducing her to the boyfriend must be skipped”.

From there, he has been seen in very good company, since the new girlfriend of ‘Tostao’, nor hesitate to share on your Instagram account the moments of affection you have together, and in which they look very affectionate, as happened at the beginning of March, during the recent birthday of the rapper in which they seemed very happy celebrating the new year of the composer’s life.

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So much so that the dentist recently published a story in which they toasted with a few drinks and where the label “Long live love” was read, with a heart, which was followed by a video in which the couple is sitting listening to each other. in the background the salsa hit, ‘Quiero ser tuyo’, by Tito Rojas, while the bride hums the song, highlighting its phrases such as “love each other without fear”, while ‘Tostao’ kisses her on the cheek several times.


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