Many Latinos seek to enter the United States in any way because they seek a better life for themselves and their families.

Some try to enter legally and others bypassing the migration rules, Therefore, when they are discovered by the US authorities, they are immediately deported to their countries of origin.

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Several use their tourist visawhich in some cases lasts six months, to settle in that country or work to earn some money.

That was the case of a young woman, In whose TikTok profile he told his story, about what happened to him when he wanted to return to the United States to work, after his tourist visa expired.

The woman identified as Lizz 22r in this social network, narrated the experience that she had to live in one of the airports in this country.

There she was intercepted by some police officers who asked for his documentation and took everything he had in his suitcase: “They threw all my clothes, literally even my pants.”

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The officers asked her how long it had been since she was last in North America and how long ago she returned to Mexico and the woman was nervous when she answered, for which the police suspected and without his consent they began to check his cell phone.

Since they found nothing in the photo gallery, they went directly to whatsapp, where they found a conversation without her partner where she told him if he could pick her up at work.

This conversation was the proof so that the police did not let her enter, since it was already evident that he was not traveling for tourism but to settle in that country to work.

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After the difficult moment, They transferred her to the immigration office, where they allowed her to communicate with her relatives to inform them that it had not been possible for her to enter the United States.

Finally, the woman says that a policeman “more good people” He informed him that his visa would be taken away and that he would return to his country of origin that same day.

“When I got on the plane, all the people looked at me very strangelyas if he were a criminal,” said the young Mexican.

Colombian deportees denounce mistreatment by authorities in the US


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