In basketball and baseball games it is usual to see that during the breaks they begin to focus on couples in the well-known ‘Kiss cam’, in which those who are captured must show love through a kiss.

This is what happened at a Mexican League baseball game, where the camera began to capture several couples who accepted the challenge and began to kiss each other on the cheek and on the mouth.until the camera focused on two young people who only chose to laugh, but did not kiss.

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Then, the lens continued through the stands, however, he focused on the young couple again, but this time the one who took the initiative was the woman, but not to kiss her companion but another unknown assistant who was in the top row, for which the man agreed, while Yuridia’s song played in the background ‘Friends don’t kiss on the mouth’.

After the event, the young woman’s companion, already a little more serious, had no choice but to resign himself. and see how they focused on the one who won the woman’s kiss.

But the situation did not end there, but the camera focused on them for the third time and the song played The boy with the sad eyesby Jeanette, the lens captures the young man who was left in the ‘friendzone’, which in Spanish means ‘friend zone’.

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The video, which has gone viral, was published on the social networks of the Sultanes de Monterrey baseball team, where They have even offered gifts for the ‘friendzoned’ youth, such as season tickets to attend other team games or kits and supplements to start their gym routines.

On the other hand, the comments of the team’s fans did not wait: “Even Mexico City heard that broken heart”, “He preferred to kiss with a stranger than with his companion. This is how villains are born HAHAHA” and “How uncomfortable to go to enjoy a game and that they are bothering and humiliating you”, were some of the appreciations of the Twitter users.


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