Dogs are one of the most faithful animals that exist, because despite the situation in which their owners find themselves, they will always be there accompanying them. This was evidenced in a video that circulates on Tiktok, which has moved Internet users, because a dog can be seen accompanying her master’s funeral procession.

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In the videos shared on the Chinese social network, you can see the Creole dog leading the funeral march of her love. In addition, he walked to the rhythm of the car and in his muzzle he carried a bouquet of flowers. Also, the attitude of the dog transmits sadness, since she has her head and ears down.

This act not only shocked Internet users, but also people who were able to witness this event in person, because in the recording they can be seen quite surprised.

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Several people have been concerned about the dog, because they do not want her to die of a moral penalty.

Several TikTok users have classified this emotional and sad recording as a sample of the unconditional love that these beings offer to the people who care for them.

This clip has been shared by different accounts and they all accumulate a large number of reproductions and comments from Internet users, who have not hesitated to give their opinion on this fact.

“How tender the truth made me shed tears, because I love puppies they are unique, faithful and pure”; “The purest and most sincere love, only theirs”; “The friend who never leaves you, even if you treat him badly”; “We should learn from these defenseless little animals, they give their affection without measure and sincerely”, are some of the comments.

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PUPPY MOVES AT FUNERAL 🐶💔 🎥 A touching video has gone viral on TikTok, where a dog shows her love and respect by accompanying a funeral procession with a bouquet of flowers in her muzzle. 🌸 Posted by the user Mayrakabas, the video shows the dog joining the farewell procession, despite the difficulties in walking. She is momentarily separated from her, but then rejoins the group with determination and respect. 🔄 The emotional scene, whose recording location is unknown, has impacted social networks, accumulating more than 350,000 views and exceeding 26,000 “likes”. 💬 The comments praise the animal’s loyalty, with messages like: “They are little angels on earth, we don’t deserve them” and “Man’s best friend without a doubt”. #AnimalLoyalty #UnconditionalLove #dog #dogs #dogstiktokers ♬ original sound – CN7 News

On the other hand, there were people who have feared for the health and future of the dog, since there are several studies that show that animals also feel sadness, and can even die of moral grief. For this reason, They have asked the relatives to please not leave the animal alone and take it and give him all the love and care he needs.

“Your poor owner is going to miss him a lot, I hope he is not abandoned like many, my God, protect him”; “I hope the relatives take care of him and protect him and give him love, since he will not have his owner,” some Internet users have written.

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