A woman, through her TikTok account, He commented that he regrets the tattoos he has on his bodyand warned people who got tattooed very young that there will probably come a time when they feel the same way.

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“Imagine, if you will, that you put on a shirt once when you were 20 and now you have to wear it for the rest of your life. That’s what it feels like to get tattooed long before you become a fully grown adult human,” he said. The woman, whose username is @saraovershares that on the social network.

Sara said that what could have represented her at 20, no longer does at 36, and it is for this reason that she regrets what she put on her skin when she was younger.

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I just wish they weren’t on my body, but I wanted to come here and expose myself.

“I have a lot of these tattoos that don’t necessarily reflect who I am at 36. They could have reflected a moment in time, when I was 20. Maybe a moment in time when I wasn’t so great mentally, and they’re here forever. “, he claimed.

He added: “I just wish they weren’t on my body, but I wanted to come here and put myself out there and say I was told I would regret my tattoos when I was older. I’m older and I regret my tattoos, and you might too”.

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On the other hand, people in the comments have been divided on the matter. However, many agree that they do not regret their tattoosbecause they represent periods of his life or have an elaborate “artistic work”.

“When you’re genuinely collecting quality art that you like instead of looking for a style/trend it doesn’t feel that way,” one user wrote.


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