He tiktoker Argentinian Big Chungus has gained popularity on social media for his fun and interactive videos with strangers.

On this occasion he made a social experiment pretending to be blind to see if they would rip you off or help you. See below the outcome of this situation.

In the digital world, social networks continue to be the perfect scenario for the creativity and ingenuity of thousands of users around the globe.

On this occasion, a famous content creator returned to Get attention of millions of Internet users with a video in which he pretends to be blind.

The camera, which appears to be located somewhere on his chest, shows how throws bills of a thousand Argentine pesos to the ground in a supermarket.

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In this one you can see how a couple helps the influencers to pick them up, however, while the girl hands the money to the “blind” person, the man demands that he keep a part of these.

Big Chungus says “is everything there?”, to which the boy answers yes and he thanks him repeatedly, while watching the couple argue over what would be a scam.

The man asks him to save the money, but she takes it and rejects the act. “Che, excuse me, oh excuse me, I’m ashamed, sorry, it wasn’t all the money, sorry,” says the girl dressed in black, to which the tiktoker responds “Ah, did I drop more?”

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It can be seen that the jacket he is wearing is stamped with the logo of the well-known influencer in Argentina, which makes several Internet users doubt the reliability of the recording.

However, the video does not end there, since he then approaches the girl and offers her part of the money as “award for his humility” and then he gives him the rest for going to follow him on TikTok.

Next, the woman says “I don’t know what to do, I’m ashamed, I’m angry and it shocks me a lot” to which she replies “it’s okay, it was just an experiment anyway”.

Currently, it has 22 million followers on Tiktok, with almost 335 million ‘likes’. In addition, on YouTube he has close to nine million followers and 590 published videos.

Some of the comments on the video applaud the girl’s behavior saying “That woman is worth gold”, “Humble people with good values ​​are the people worth knowing and accompanying”, “There are still good people on this planet”.

However, many they doubted the veracity of the facts writing “What actors!”, “Very real, all luckily”, “How can they not realize that everything is armed”.


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