The security cameras of a neighborhood in the city of Córdoba, Argentina, captured the moment when a thief he snatches the bicycle from an older adult in broad daylight. However, the end of the robber could not be consummated thanks to the timely and spectacular response of a citizen.

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The event, which occurred last Saturday, May 6, in the Ituziangó neighborhood, was carried out by a 78-year-old man who was transporting himself with his bicycle along Juan Vuicetich avenue, when you decided to leave your vehicle parked for a few minutes outside a store to buy something.

Moment in which inhabitants return the bicycle to the elderly.


Twitter: @Cadena3Rosario

At that moment, the thief took the opportunity to take the ‘bike’ and flee the place. However, a person who was passing through the sector noticed the theft and with a strong kick he hit him on the head and immediately knocked him to the ground.

With the help of some passersby and the victim of the crime, nthey eutralized the individual until police personnel arrived to make the corresponding capture. It would be a 30-year-old man, as reported by the portal ‘Doce TV’.

The man’s performance has caused all kinds of reactions on social networks, where netizens applauded his courage to prevent theftqualifying him as a kind of hero for the resounding maneuver he carried out against the assailant.

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“Brutal that a poor 78-year-old guy was robbed,” “Ese spent his whole life waiting for the perfect moment to put the flyer. Poetic” and “La pata was sublime for the purpose it was aimed at. Highlight the brave fact, do not dirty it ”, were some points of view of internet users.


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