Although he is always characterized by keeping his affections away from media attention, Viviana Canosa He spoke like never before about Martina, the ten-year-old daughter he had with Alexander Borenzstein. “She is divine,” said the proud mom in an interview with Show partners.

“He is the love of my life, he has me crazy with love. I thank my parents for helping me (with their care) because otherwise, I couldn’t do this late-night newscast,” he said. affirmed the journalist who drives at 23 More Vivian on LN+ and debuted last week in the afternoons of El Observador Radio.

Viviana Canosa and Martina, her daughter.

With such a tight schedule, The times of mother and daughter are reduced since they go “against the other hand” because Martina goes to school in the mornings and in the afternoons the journalist has two jobs. But all this is done with the minor’s approval.

“I tell her everything. I negotiate each project. I asked him about the radio in the afternoon. She thinks that I come home at night and she is asleep. Luckily he sleeps with mom, but it’s not the same,” he said.

Viviana Canosa’s confession about co-sleeping with Martina

“A month ago she became independent of my bed and now she is in her quiet room. I said let’s do co-sleeping, it’s okay. But there came a time when I told him ‘Martina, I think it’s about time’ and he answered ‘you’re right, mom’. Not on weekends, but hey, “announced the host, surprising the chronicler Santiago Riva Roy.

And he closed: “She is very low profile, I love that. She has a personality, but she has nothing to do with me or her father. She sings, she dances, she is beautiful. She sees videos of Tato Bores on Youtube and photos, I still don’t know if she has the dimension of who it was. Sometimes she hears Tato’s name on TV and immediately says ‘grandfather’. That’s very sweet.”

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