The Thursday evening, Wanda Nara He had a traffic accident when he was going to the Telefe studios to record a new episode of Masterchef. As reported by Pampito Perelló in Intruders, the car that was carrying the driver collided with a motorcyclist, who was left lying on the public highway.

Shocked by the situation, the businesswoman got out to assist the man and after making sure that he was in optimal condition, beyond the scare, continued on her way to Martínez.

After the news spread, Wanda took advantage of a break in the recordings to give her version of the facts on social networks. As the presenter explained, the car that was transporting her was in the correct lane and in reality the accident occurred in the opposite lane, when the man’s motorcycle slipped and ended up hitting the pavement.

Wanda Nara helping the injured man in Libertador. Photo: social networks.

“I see the impact, with great caution I looked back because obviously all the cars were coming, I got out automatically and I was one of the first to arrive and there was this elderly man lying on the floor”recounted Wanda. “As he told me, his motorcycle slipped, but it had nothing to do with the car that I was coming from,” clarified.

The Masterchef presenter stressed that she got out to assist the man and waited with him until the ambulance arrived. In addition, she explained that in the image that circulated on social networks, she is seen holding the motorcyclist’s backpack because she was looking for his phone to call his family.

Wanda Nara is in a good personal moment with her husband Mauro Icardi and their daughters, after overcoming a crisis in their relationship as a result of an affair with China Suárez. The host took advantage of the long weekend to travel to Istanbul and share family moments, before resuming her participation in Masterchef.

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