Wanda Nara is the protagonist of the cover of PEOPLE and at one point -in an extensive and in-depth interview- she spoke about her 5 children: Valentino, Constantino, Benedicto, Francesca and Isabella. “Valentino is super self-demanding and committed but, at the same time, sensitive and tender. Actually – and I’m thinking about it now as we chat – it’s very curious: my children are very close and friends with each other but super different from each other. Francesca loves nature and art (you don’t know how well she draws!), Isabella is a fan of fashion and makeup (she has a more complete cosmetic bag than mine, let me clarify) and everyone says that Benedicto is the most similar to me: he’s the different one in the family, the “against” of the house (laughs). We are all from River and he is from Boca. I was exactly like that when I was little”, he explained.

Wanda Nara and her children
Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi and their 5 children

-And Coki?
-Coki is a special being: the family hippy (he lets out a laugh). The first to adapt to everything! We moved to Argentina and he is already super integrated: changes don’t stress him out and everything seems like a great plan. I always say that he is the simplest of my children and, at the same time, that complicates my life: it is impossible to set a limit because nothing affects him. I tell him: “I’m going to take your cell phone, if you don’t do that” and he laughs and never gets bitter.

An anecdote from their children that defines them completely

“I will tell you a story that reflects how they are. When we moved to Paris, Benedicto’s teacher called me and told me: “He is not adjusting well to school and he runs away from class.” That day I went looking for him worried and told him I asked what was going on and why she ran away from the classroom without warning. She told me that every day she would spy on Francesca’s course window to check that she was integrated, and she would stay there for a while until she saw her chat with a classmate. “Today I went and saw that she had already made several friends, so tell the lady that I am not going to run away anymore, “he explained determinedly. I’m excited to tell it because that’s how my children are,” she says, very moved.

Wanda Nara and her youngest daughter, Isabella

Wanda assures that her children get along very well, although she admits that, when they were very little, they fought a lot. “It was a long time ago, not anymore. I would tell you that the opposite is happening now: they take care of each other and protect each other. If I challenge one, the other four get angry and defend the “accused”. They are very characters. The older ones warn me: “Look what Francesca uploaded to her Instagram is a lot” and the reality is that she has her account closed and only we see it but, likewise, Valentino, especially, is super careful with his sisters.

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