In a deep and reflective talk, Wanda Nara told an anecdote about one of her children that moved her a lot. “”I tell you a story that reflects how they are. When we moved to Paris, Benedicto’s teacher called me and told me: “He is not adjusting well to school and he is running away from class”. That day I went looking for him worried and asked him what was happening and why he ran away from the classroom without warning. She told me that every day she would spy on Francesca’s course window to check that she was integrated, and she would stay there for a while until she saw her chat with a classmate. “Today I went and saw that she had already made several friends, so tell the lady that I’m not going to run away anymore,” he explained decisively. I’m excited to tell it because that’s how my children are.

Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi and children

The Masterchef host assures that her children get along very well with each other although, when they were very young, they had their fights. but not anymore, on the contrary: they take care of and protect each other. If I challenge one, the other four get angry and defend the “accused.” They are very characters. The older ones tell me: “Look at what Francesca uploaded to her Instagram, it’s a lot” and the reality is that she has her account closed and only we see it but, anyway, Valentino, especially, is super careful with his sisters.

Wanda Nara and her family decisions

Wanda Nara in PEOPLE
Wanda Nara on the cover of PEOPLE

Although Isabella and Francesca are in Buenos Aires with Wanda today, for a few months, the youngest daughters of the Masterchef host lived with Mauro Icardi in Istanbul. “There weren’t so many days apart but it was hard. Every day we made video calls while they did my makeup to record Masterchef. They asked me questions about the program and on Monday mornings they wanted to know who had been eliminated because the time difference made them They lost the gala on Sundays. The three of us are very sticky, so it was difficult, “explained the businesswoman.

“In a family as large as mine, you have to make these kinds of decisions. Both Mauro and I know that it implies a sacrifice, but we must support each other and organize ourselves. I am very happy that Isi and Fran can accompany him in this important moment of his football career. Each family is different and, in mine, the dream of each of our children is prioritized. Valentino wants to be a football player, he is training at River and, for this, it was key that we settle in Argentina I dedicate a large part of my time to support his desire to dedicate himself professionally to sports and accompany him when he plays on Sundays.

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