This noon Mauro Icardi He shared tender photos with his daughters on Instagram, Isabella and Francescacelebrating Carla’s birthday, the family dog. “Today our little girl is 2 years old. Fran and Isi prepared a little party for her to celebrate with garlands, balloons, streamers, cakes, cupcakes and dog music. Happy birthday Carla. We love you”wrote the Galatasaray player.

The post quickly went viral with thousands of likes and comments. But there was a message that drew a lot of attention to Wanda Narawho these days is in Buenos Aires recording the latest episodes of Masterchef.

“I don’t understand Wanda how you can be missing the childhood of your beautiful daughters by being on TV!!! To think that there are mothers who suffer from going out to work for real and leaving their children at home in the care of a relative or alone!! “, wrote one user. To which the cosmetics businesswoman replied: “My children’s parents are millionaires and no one has ever complained that they work a lot and live in other cities. And they continue to work, concentrated, and distanced for months or days for work. Despite being millionaires, I emphasize.”

“They spend two weeks with the best person they have after me, who is their DAD. Your comment is a bit unfair and sexist, just because I do NOT want to educate my children“Wanda Nara closed furiously over criticism of her motherhood.

Wanda Nara wrote a song for her son Valentino

Wanda was always very close to her children, and with each of them she forged a different relationship between them. Along these lines, the host showed a facet of hers last night that she had not yet shared with her followers. “A long time ago I wrote a song for my first child,” he proudly recounted.while at the same time flirting with the idea of ​​turning it into a song.

my valentine. My heart is safe because the owner would never hurt me. I would give you everything in this life, you are my greatest joy, my energy and my best melody. You are my Valentine, I am not afraid of enemies, because you are one of mine. Your world is round football and you are mine. Let no one hurt you, nor be encouraged, may the dreams of which you will be the owner never be stolen. May you always fly awayand if one day I leave you here, I left you all organized and thought, but what I have best achieved is how I have raised you,” he wrote the host of Masterchef a few years ago.

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