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Ukraine’s chief intelligence officer, Kirilo Budanov, said Russia’s war against Ukraine would be over by the summer and that by the end of the year there would be a more significant victory for the Ukrainian military, quoted by the website HB. By

“By the end of the year, we will make great progress.

Budanov hopes that Kherson’s release will be part of the victory.

“By the end of spring, everything should be over. By summer, everything should be over,” he said.

When asked if “completed” meant reaching the 1991 borders, Budanov said, “First, we’ll reach those borders.”

“After the end of the war, a very serious political process will begin, related to the changes in the current Russian Federation. Some regions will separate from Russia… Moscow will pay us reparations. All are waiting for them … to the transfer of certain economic centers of the Russian Federation to our territory … that is. There are so many steps, ”said the intelligence director.

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War ends in summer, regions move away from Russia –

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