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Professor Michael Clarke told British Sky News on Tuesday night that he believes something big is happening in the Kherson region of Ukraine. Retired Lieutenant General Arne Bard Dalhaug agrees that this may indicate something is going on.

– Ukrainians have completely stopped news about what is happening in the Kherson region, Clark told Sky News.

– When Ukrainians stop the news like this, something is happening. They have done this before every new attack.

Clarke estimates a response within 48 to 72 hours.

– I’m sure something big is happening. It may fail, it may not work, but it has worked in the past.

Do not shoot: Ukrainian Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky has urged Ukrainians not to shoot down Russian drones without permission. Video: Twitter / AP / Telegram. Reporter: Vegard Kruger.
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Operational safety

Retired Lieutenant General Arne Bard Dalhaug also says there is little news about what is happening in Kherson these days.

– It is called good operational security and characterizes Ukrainian operations. In fact, we know more about the Russian army than the Ukrainian one. Dalhaug told Dagbladet that this is because Western intelligence agencies control Russia’s actions fairly well and share intelligence information with the outside world.

He acknowledged it was difficult to draw any conclusions on the basis of few news updates from the region, but said it indicated something was being prepared or started. I’m here.

-In the past, when Ukrainians carried out offensive operations, they were seen to enhance news flow and ensure good operational security. Before, it was very successful in Kharkov, where there were few news updates.

– We can only make assumptions based on past experience with strict operational security. So it shows that Ukraine is preparing something or starting something. However, it must be emphasized that at the moment there are only signs.

shoot down: Kyiv police claim to have shot down at least 13 “Kamikaze drones” on Monday 13 October.

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Ukrainian officials say Russia has recently struck Ukraine with both missiles, kamikaze drones and artillery, meaning more than 1,100 Ukrainian cities have lost power.

Dalhaug experiences it as terrorizing civilians.

– It is not unexpected that Russia will do this. Some of these rockets hit civilian targets, a direct war crime activity. Power outages primarily affect civilians. The reason Russia is terrorizing civil society in this way is a lack of progress on the battlefield, says Dalhaug.

– But there is nothing to indicate that these attacks will have the effect Russia wants. Ukraine is becoming more and more united, and the West is becoming more convinced that it is necessary to unite and persevere.

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War in Ukraine: – I think something big is happening –

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