If you’ve never danced and sang like crazy about “rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the river” while moving your hair as if you could make a hurricane out of it, you don’t know how to appreciate the small details that make life very big. Tina Turner is and will be an eternal diva of music, the queen of rock.

His representative confirmed the news about his death to Reuters and explained that Turner “died peacefully after a long illness at his home in Küsnacht, near Zurich, Switzerland.” In a post from the singer’s Instagram account, it became official with the following text: “It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Tina Turner. With her music and her limitless passion for her life, she captivated millions of fans around the world and inspired the stars of tomorrow. Today we say goodbye to a dear friend who leaves us all her greatest work: her music. All our sincerest sympathy goes out to his family. Tina, we will miss you very much.”

Tina Turner lived dFor almost 30 years in Switzerland (she even had nationality) where she lived with her second husband, Erwin Bach. He got off the stage permanently in 2009.

Only she knew how to perfectly combine rock’n’roll and soul. In each and every one of her live performances, she was capable of transmitting all her strength, rhythm and sensuality to the public to make them live a unique and unforgettable experience. Her figure in the world of music is so important that the artist has his own musical which premiered in 2018 in London and is also performed in Hamburg or Broadway. But in his eight decades of life, not everything has been bright. There have also been shadows, some terrible and that seemed the beginning of the end. But Tina could with absolutely EVERYTHING.

overcome the insurmountable

Anna Mae Bullock (which is what her real name is) was born in Tennessee in a cotton-growing area. She was abandoned by her parents and raised by different relatives until she decided to pull the chestnuts out of the fire herself and look for a life in the city. As a minor, she was discovered in a Saint Louis bar by what would become her first husband and the greatest torture of her life, Ike Turner. Their union, both personal and professional, lasted 16 years (from 1962 to 1978) and was full of episodes of mistreatment and abuse. The rhythm and blues musician used cocaine as regularly as he beat up his wife. In a moment of desperation Tina tried to end it all by killing herself with Valium. When she was still in the hospital recovering, her husband told her: “You are a son of a bitch. It is better that you have not died because then I can kill you.

Ike Turner Tina Turner performance marriage

Ike and Tina Turner during a performance in Denmark in 1972.

Jorgen Angel//Getty Images

When she separated, she also did it professionally, for which she had to fight in court to keep her married name as a stage name. In addition, she was forced to start from scratch to become great again. And boy did she get it, she actually surpassed herself to become a rock star like no other.

Health problems came from the 40s: a stroke, bowel cancer, kidney failure and a kidney transplant. But she celebrated her 80th birthday with the same force that had always characterized her. This was stated by herself in a video that she shared on her Instagram account 3 years ago.

“Yes, I’m 80. What did I think I’d be like at 80? I’m great. I feel good, I’ve been through some very serious illnesses that I’ve overcome so it’s like getting a second chance at life. I’m happy to be a woman 80 years”. A bravo like a castle for each of her words.

the hardest hit

But when it seemed that his quota of misfortunes and bad luck in life had already reached the maximum level, he had to face the worst. In 2018, her eldest son, whom she had at the age of 18 before her relationship with Ike Turner, committed suicide. “My saddest moment as a mother. On Thursday, July 19, 2018, I said my last goodbye to my son, Craig Raymond Turner, as I joined family and friends to spread his ashes on the California coast. I was fifty-nine years when he died so tragically, but he will always be my baby”, were the parting words he dedicated to her.

He believed in love again

After what she experienced in her first marriage, it’s hard to believe that the star will find the courage to believe in love again. In 1985, Erwin Bach, an EMI executive 16 years her junior, crossed paths in her life. First they lived a beautiful friendship and a year later they started dating. Tina resisted going down the aisle, but the couple finally said “I do” in 2013 after 27 years of love. And they have continued together until the end of their days.

heart attack legs

It has always been said that Jennifer Lopez has an insurance policy for her butt that exceeds 5 million euros. If Tina Turner had done the same to any part of her body, surely she would have secured her legs. Strong, toned and sexy, she always made the most of them on stage with the help of miniskirts and high heels. His have been compared to the legs of other greats like Jane Fonda or Cher. If they ask us, we prefer to choose between ‘who do you love more, dad or mom?’.

Tina Turner legs miniskirt

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An example for many

Let’s be honest, if Tina Turner hadn’t existed, she would have been invented because many of today’s great singers wouldn’t be what they are without her influence. Take Beyonce for example. Queen B herself took the stage with Turner at the 2008 Grammy Awards gala to perform the classic ‘Proud Mary’. Master and disciple acting together are a spectacle of nature. If you think we are exaggerating, press play and enjoy. You are welcome.

And of course, his music

As with dessert at a meal, in this tribute article we have saved the best for last. Although he had some flirtation with the cinema in 1985 with the movie ‘Mad Max’ and later gave his voice to one of the James Bond movies (‘Goldeneye’, 1995), where he has made history is in music. And we do not say this just because his great successes are already part of history, but because they have truly achieved what others have not been able to. Tina entered the Guinness Book of Records after selling 182,000 tickets for her June 16, 1988 concert at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro during her ‘Break Every Rule World’ tour. She is the only female soloist who has achieved it.

But since movement is demonstrated by walking (in this case singing), here are the 5 essential songs of his career. And it is that Tina Turner is and she will be ‘simply the best’. Thanks for everything.


1.‘Proud Mary’.

2. ‘The Best’.

3. ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’.

4. ‘Private Dancer’.

5.‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’

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