Throughout the history of cinema, there have been films that have been acclaimed by critics and audiences, and then there are those that They have been mercilessly destroyed.

If you’ve ever wondered what they are the worst installments in the cinemaAccording to critics, Rotten Tomatoes has the answer.

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The selection of these films on the ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ portal is not based on isolated opinions, but on a rigorous analysis of the ratings obtained on the tomatometer, where each film has achieved less than 6% approval.

However, an additional requirement has been established: each film must have at least 20 reviewsthus ensuring that the films considered “the worst in history” have had a minimum threshold for the experts of the seventh art.

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Ballistics: Ecks vs. Sever (2002)

This is a film that has been heavily criticized for its lack of wit, coherence, style, and originality. This tape of exaggerated action it fails to captivate the audience with its plot and lacks elements that make it stand out.

Starring Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu, and directed by Wych Kaosayananda, the film does not offer a satisfying cinematic experience.

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One Missed Call (2008)

One of the remakes weakest of the J-horror genre that has received negative reviews. The film suffers due to the bland performances by the actors and their use of clichés in moments of suspense.

The story follows Beth Raymond, played by Shannyn Sossamon, who witnesses the death of two friends and begins to suspect that there is something more sinister behind these deaths. Directed by Éric Valette, the film does not generate the desired impact.

Left Behind (2014)

Starring Nicolas Cage, it has been widely criticized and has received negative comments for its lack of quality. The plot focuses on the chaos that breaks out in the world when millions of people disappear without a trace.

Despite having a recognized cast, such as Chad Michael Murray and Cassi Thomson, the film fails to live up to expectations and is considered a flop in Cage’s filmography. Directed by Vic Armstrong, the movie doesn’t capture the attention of the audience.

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A Thousand Words (2012)

Starring Eddie Murphy, it has been criticized for its dated humor and lack of presence of Murphy’s distinctive comedic voice. The film follows Jack McCall, an egotistical literary agent whose life is turned upside down when he discovers that He only has a thousand words left to speak before he dies.

Despite featuring actors like Kerry Washington and Cliff Curtis, the film fails to deliver satisfying comedy. Directed by Brian Robbins, the film was received negatively by critics.

Gotti (2018)

Starring John Travolta, it has received an overwhelmingly negative critical response. The film tells the story of John Gotti, who makes his way into the Gambino crime family in New York.

Despite having Travolta as the lead, the film fails to adequately capture the essence and complexity of the character. Directed by Kevin Connolly, the film falls short of expectations and does not stand out among other productions in the genre.


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