What Bow Does Joe Rogan Shoot?

What Bow Does Joe Rogan Shoot?

Joe Rogan is a well-known comedian, podcaster, and UFC commentator. He is also an avid hunter and archer. Rogan has shot a variety of bows over the years, but his current bow of choice is the Mathews V3X 31.5″.

The Mathews V3X 31.5″ is a high-performance bow that is designed for accuracy and speed. It features a carbon riser, machined aluminum limbs, and a single-cam system. The V3X 31.5″ has a draw weight of 70 pounds and a draw length of 31.5 inches.

Rogan has used the Mathews V3X 31.5″ to harvest a variety of game animals, including elk, deer, and bear. He has also used the bow to compete in archery tournaments.

In addition to the Mathews V3X 31.5″, Rogan has also shot the following bows:

* Hoyt Carbon Defiant Turbo
* Bowtech Realm SR6
* Elite Impulse 34
* PSE Evolve 35

Rogan is a skilled archer and he has used his bows to achieve great success in both hunting and archery tournaments.