He Dolar blue It shot up again this Tuesday, April 25, reaching $497, 6% above the previous day. This increase generated pressure on the prices of all products and services, but especially on food. In the midst of this crisis situation, President Alberto Fernandez he spoke publicly about the situation and blamed opposition economists for the havoc with the US currency.

Sometimes, the right should think of Argentina, of those who live and work in this country, before their business and political interests. with the minister @SergioMassa We are working together to face this scenario,” he began by saying.

“It is not new, they have always done it. They have gone abroad to speak out against the popular governments and now they are doing it again, asking that they cut off our credit and that they demand more adjustments from the people. This story has already been told. We have lived and we will overcome it again”remarked the president.

The opinion of celebrities on the rise of the blue dollar

The famous Argentines did not sit idly by and from different political and social positions spoke about the harsh reality that Argentines are going through with the rise in the dollar.

Gonzalo Heredia He was one of those who was most attentive to the increase in the dollar and humorously shared a live image of the increase in foreign currency through Twitter and said: “Between these tweets I literally drank three mates.” After a few minutes, he shared a gif of Homer Simpson and added: “We slide the TL of Twitter to know the value of the dollar.”

Driver Mariano IudicaAlso surprised by the situation, he exclaimed on the bird’s social network: “482 DEAR MOMMY… QUIÑONES is coming… Let the last one turn off the light!”

For his part, Pamela David He conducted a survey to ask his followers if this month they had been able to buy dollars, to which 80% of those surveyed answered no.

Luciana Salazar He added to the wave of complaints saying in English: “God save the dollar”.

In addition, the former member of Big Brother, Constance Romerovery aware of the news, assured: “It’s really worrying what’s happening in the country.”

With irony and mischief, Lizardo Ponce uploaded an image that contains the question “What would you say to the Lizardo from the past?”, to which He answered himself: “Let him buy dollars.”

Cover art: Gustavo Ramírez

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