A meteor showerone of the most interesting astronomical phenomena, will be able to be seen in the coming weeks throughout the Argentinian republic. The event, which is repeated every year, began on July 12 and will end on August 13.

In the middle of these two days, the orbit of the planet Earth coincides with the remains of stellar dust and the rocks left behind by the comet 96P/Machholz. In addition, the main stage is the southern hemisphereFor this reason, a meteor shower will light up the sky.

the rain of aquarids It has been visible for a couple of days, but it will reach its most intense activity on the nights of July 30 and 31. On those days, the phenomenon will be able to be observed with the naked eye if the appropriate weather conditions exist.

According to information from StarWalk, you will be able to see up to 25 meteorites per hour. This meteor shower It will also be appreciated in southern latitudes of the North Hemispherealthough mainly in the southern half of the planet.

Unfortunately, the Moon It can be an obstacle to enjoy the meteor shower due to its illumination in its fullest phases. A good alternative to enjoy the meteor shower It is during the new moon on July 17 or when it is hidden on the horizon, although that usually happens at dawn.

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