Last July 3 US authorities confirmed the death of Leandro De Niro, grandson of the renowned actor Robert De Niro, in his apartment in New York City.

The 19-year-old who was building an acting career like his grandfather, participated in ‘A Star is Born’ where he shared the stage with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in 2018, after acting in the series ‘The Collection’.

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Drena De Niro, the adoptive daughter of the interpreter of ‘Taxi Driver’, confirmed the death of the teenager through his Instagram account last Sunday with an emotional message.

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“My beautiful and sweet angel. I have loved you beyond words or explanation from the moment I felt you in my womb […] You have been my joy, my heart and everything that was pure and real in my life. i wish i was with you right now […] Rest in peace, in eternal paradise my dear child,” said the young man’s mother.

Given the unexpected news, the renowned Hollywood actor also spoke about what happened through a statement in which He requested discretion about Leandro’s death.

“I am deeply saddened by the passing of my beloved grandson Leo. We are so grateful for everyone’s condolences. We ask that we be given privacy to mourn his loss,” De Niro said.

What was the possible cause of his death?

Although the true cause of his death is still unknown, according to data from ‘TMZ’, investigations suggest that Leandro would have died from a possible overdose.

“The teenager was taking care of the house and drugs and instruments to consume (the same) were found near his body,” the authorities told the outlet.

Robert De Niro’s grandson was found by a friend who He had been trying to contact him for several days when he found him without vital signs in his apartment located on Wall Street.

According to the ‘Daily Mail’, The young man did not show signs of trauma or injuries that would show any type of violence on his body, so the authorities rule out any attempted attack or robbery.

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Faced with what happened, the mother, who is also an actress, wrote another message that could reaffirm the manner in which his son died, However, his death is still under investigation, according to the British newspaper.

“You didn’t deserve to die like this, but I can only believe that God needed a strong and powerful angel in his army. I am hugging you every second of every moment. I am my heart and my memories until I am with you again, ”said Drena on her Instagram account in the last few hours.

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