Bichota initially comes from ‘bichote’a term that is originally used to refer to drug traffickers, which the paisa star has given a new twist to the meaning of the word.

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According to the explanation of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the term ‘bichote’, comes from the English ‘big shot’a word that when translated into Spanish is the name of a high-ranking drug trafficker or person who has a high position.

Karol G is an artist of international stature who has managed to position herself as one of the most important female representatives of the urban genre.. In addition, she has been nominated for important music industry awards that place her as one of the best artists of the moment.

During an interview conducted in November 2021 for the Jimmy Fallon show on TV in the United States, The Colombian explained what the meaning of the word ‘bichota’ was.

“For me the word was powerful, I wanted to use ‘bichota’ but with a meaning related to a powerful, great, incredible woman, doing her thing by herself”the singer pointed out.

The reggaeton and Latin trap interpreter took the term ‘bichote’, but he wanted to give it a change and create his own interpretation.

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It should be noted that by the end of the year 2020 the singer released a new song called ‘bichota’which became one of the most popular reggaeton songs, not only in Latin America but throughout the world.

During an interview with the also reggaeton singer nicky jamin the middle of his YouTube show ‘The Rockstar Show’the paisa singer also referred to the meaning of the term.

“The term refers to a moment when you feel sexy, flirty, daring, strong, empowered, and to some extent, it translates to personal motivation and self-confidence. We’re all super ‘bichotas’ inside. It’s about believe and work so that the rest of the world can see it too”said Karol G.

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At the moment, the term ‘bichota’ has gained wide popularity, especially among women who are fans of the artistwho have identified with the new meaning that the Colombian singer has generated, which seeks to refer to female empowerment and security.


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