The popular family comedy The guy from 8 It was a series from Mexico that had 7 seasons on the air and several repetitions in different countries. This creation was in charge of Roberto Gomez Bolanos. The truth is that he managed to get a fortune, which according to those close to the actor, managed to reach up to 50 million dollars throughout his career.

As already anticipated, the great fortune was distributed to his 6 children and his last wife, Florinda Meza, who denied the figure, but did not clarify the total of it. Although most of his money was obtained thanks to his series, his properties, assets and royalties from this production are also added. Likewise, it is said that the characters of chespirito they made profits between 30 and 50 million dollars.

Cast of El Chavo del 8. File photo.
Cast of El Chavo del 8. File photo.

Next to Roberto Gomez BolanosCarlos Villagrán (Quico), Florinda Meza (Doña Florinda) or Rubén Aguirre (Professor Jirafales) participated, creating a comedy loaded with unforgettable moments. From the first chapter to the last episode, chespirito It conquered the small screen with its more than 7 seasons. To this day, she continues to captivate the public and was the inspiration for the development of other productions.

What is the life of Florinda Meza, actress of Chavo del 8: she is 73 years old, returned to the cinema after 3 decades and admitted that she does not want to fall in love again

El Chavo del 8 was one of the series that caused the greatest impact on several generations of Latin American families. His healthy jokes, his physical comedy and, above all, his endearing characters, managed to remain impregnated in the hearts of many viewers. Its actors came to have worldwide recognition and one of them was Florinda Mezawho played Doña Florinda, Quico’s mother.

In an exclusive interview with Hello! Argentina, the actress explained what all the success of the series was due to. “Basically, because the programs were very good because Roberto was a genius. One of his geniuses was choosing a charismatic cast… That’s why I always say that the programs with those actors, those characters, those scripts and the direction of my Robert they have a special magic, commented rock.

Besides, Florinda She clarified that she never felt that the character she played was categorized, but that she was always able to separate it when acting elsewhere: “It has not been difficult for me because I was always detached. Fortunately, the Chespirito program gave me the opportunity to play many characters, for example, Rosa la Rumorosa”. On the other hand, she talked about her former series partners and emphasized that she maintains more contact with Edgar Vivarwho played Mr. Barriga.

30 years ago rock He did not appear on the big screen, until in 2019 he decided to make his triumphant return with the film Dulce Familia. The actress confessed to Sebastian Fernandez Zinithat this was quite a challenge for her: “At first I was scared because, although I know all the aspects of the show, it had been a long time and I said to myself:” Oh God, I hope I’m not rusty! We started, everything flowed wonderfully.”

November 28, 2014 was the saddest day not only for Florinda but for show business. That day was the death of Roberto Gomez Bolanos. Almost 8 years after his death, the actress revealed what made her fall in love with him the most: “First of all, his talent… If he were alive, he would get angry and say to me: “And how handsome, what?!” …Everything about him seemed fascinating to me, that happens when one is in love. The best thing is that I was in love for more than four decades.” In addition, she characterized him as a very romantic man.

On the other hand, she stated that she does not want to have anything to do with betting on love again: “I’m still in love with Roberto Gómez Bolaños, how could I fall in love with someone else?” And she detailed how she lived the moment of the death of her life partner. “Roberto’s death was, is and will continue to be the worst of my nightmares and I have not been able to recover. At this point in my life I discover that the penalty never goes away, I simply try to live with it,” he confessed to Hello ! Argentina.

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