Hulkthe dog of Lionel Messi (35) and Antonella Roccuzzo (35) continues in Barcelona. Although the family has been living in France since mid-2021 – at which time the captain of the Argentine National Team arrived at the psg-, the Dogue de Bordeaux could not travel with them.

As indicated months ago by the journalist Pablo Giralt -who interviewed Diez on the eve of the World Cup in Qatar- the dog did not travel with them because it was not in optimal conditions. “I asked (Antonela) about the Hulk and she answered me: “He is in Barcelona, ​​he is not in good health‘” confirmed the journalist.

Hulk with Lionel Messi and his children

Where the Hulk lives, the Dogue de Bordeaux who is one more Messi

At the moment, the dog is seven years old and is in charge of those who take care of the house that the Messi have in the Spanish city.

The dog resides in the luxury mansion, 10,000 square meters, located in Castelldefels. The property has a gym, paddle tennis court, a soccer field and a huge garden, very well equipped after investing 5 million euros in renovations.

In case of return of Lionel Messi to Barcelona, ​​the family would have the possibility of living with Hulk whom, although they visit daily, they surely miss.

Hulk with Lionel in his mansion in Barcelona. A property of 10,000 square meters that has a soccer field, paddle court and a huge garden area.

The arrival of the Hulk, the guardian of the Messi family

Hulk came to life Lionel Messi and his family in 2016. The Dogue de Bordeaux was a gift that Antonella Roccuzzo He did to Diez who, at that time, announced the arrival of the dog through his social networks.

New member of my family. Thank you love for this beautiful gift“wrote the Captain of the Argentine National Team on his Instagram account. Thus, Lionel welcomed the sixth Messi, a dog of French origin that is characterized by its great strength and power and a character that makes it a perfect dog guardian.

Since then, Hulk -which honors its name with its large size- is one more member of the family. Along with him, also lives abua toy poodle.

Antonela Roccuzzo with Hulk and Abu.

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