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On the 17th, the Russian military released dozens of self-destructing drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) “Kamikaze drones” into Ukraine, attacking energy infrastructure, killing five people in the capital Kyiv. The Ukrainian government said it used an Iranian-made Shahad-136 strike drone that cruised toward its target, swooped down, and exploded on impact. The Ukrainian government has announced that it will cut ties with Iran, citing the Russian military’s use of Iranian-made drones to attack Ukraine. Iran denies supplying drones to Russia The Russian government has also not commented. The US government says Iran’s denials are lies. The Ukrainian military first announced on September 13 that it had destroyed an Iranian-made drone near the recaptured northeastern city of Kupiensk. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has released images of what appears to be part of the destroyed drone, which it has identified as an Iranian-made Shahad-136. Russia initially used the drones to attack Ukrainian military equipment on the front lines, but in late September it began using them to attack infrastructure in Odesa, Mikolayiv and Kharkiv provinces, according to military data. became. Drones were used extensively for the first time this week in an attack on Kyiv. The drone, identified by the government as the Shahad-136, has a 200-kilogram mass with a 2.5-meter wingspan and a 40-kilogram warhead, and flies at a cruising speed of 120 km, according to a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force. The drones can fly in clumps, the spokesperson said, adding that even though they appear as one dot on radar, there are actually five drones in the air. Due to the complexity and small size of the drones, it was impossible to hit multiple drones 100%. Drones are said to have a range of 2,500 kilometers, but due to fuel limitations and size, they cannot actually fly more than 1,000 kilometers. Ukraine insists it needs better air defenses to deal with drones, including anti-aircraft guns and large-caliber machine gun systems. On the 18th, it announced that it would send an official letter to Israel requesting immediate supply of air defense materials and cooperation in this field. The Ukrainian government said the drones were launched mainly from the south, but there were also examples from Belarus and the Kursk region of Russia. 85% of these drones were shot down. A spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force said it shot down 51 Shahad-136s this week. As of March 17, Russia said it had shot down 100 drones since it began using drones. Olev Zhdanov, a military analyst in Kyiv, said he disassembled one drone and found it consisted of two parts, one made in China and one made in Iran.[Reuters]Copyright (C) 2022 Thomson Reuters Japan Co., Ltd. All rights reserved ===== Attack by Russian kamikaze drone In Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, residents were attacked by a Russian kamikaze drone. rushed to the shelter. Guardian News / YouTube .

What is the actual situation of “Kamikaze drone” used by Russia in Ukraine?

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