Despite keeping a low profile and away from the media and cameras, Martin Paez Roth decided to provide a note to the news telefé for section heirs a while ago, where he revealed unknown details of his life and childhood.

Adoptive son of the artist couple Fito Paez and Cecilia Roth, the 23-year-old is a plastic artist -he confessed that he began painting pictures at the age of 3, at 10 he sold a work for 10 pesos to some friends of his parents and in 2019 he held his first exhibition. At the moment, the young man is in charge of running his father’s store, the musician’s venture through which merchandising is marketed such as t-shirts and divers.

Martín Páez, son of Fito Páez.  Photo file.
Martín Páez, son of Fito Páez. Photo file.

The young man was born in 1999 and was adopted by Páez and Roth, who were a couple from 1992 to 2003. Currently Martin lives with his mom. Recently, she has posted on her personal account on instagram found in Saint Anthony of Areco, but you have not specified the reason for your visit.

In an interview, the young man told how his daily routine isa, “I get up early, have breakfast, watch a bit of YouTube, then I go to my office, I answer the emails, I catch up, I work in my father’s store, we make t-shirts, divers, we try to make people reaches him as much as Fito’s music”, explained about his work.

In addition, like all young people his age, he uses his Instagram profile, where he posts family and childhood photos with his parents and sister. Daisy flower. Besides, Martin, revealed that he does not remember when his parents separated, although he does keep in his memory the fact that his parents never fought. Of course, he said that his childhood was complicated because he “was very rebellious.”

Fito Páez with his children.  Photo social networks.
Fito Páez with his children. Photo social networks.

Asked about his father’s teachings, Martin revealed that phyto readHe taught the value of things, the importance of working, the value of life, and that sometimes it is not easy to be in life and that there are things that will always weigh you down”among some other tips that can also be heard in their well-known themes.

Of his mother, the young man recognizes “have humor, laugh, we always have fun”. Furthermore, he mentioned that “She gives me motherly advice, not work, and it’s beautiful”, revealed the young artist. “My father gives me advice: he puts order and progress”, added. “I thank you both for having raised me in such a good way and for having taught me so much.“Said Martín, who currently lives with his mother and is dating. Of course, he clarified that he really likes the music of Charlie Garcia and that his favorite record is Clics modernos.

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