The model Natalia Fassi She began her career in the year 2000, after she caught the attention of the small screen after posing in popular Argentine advertisements and thanks to this her career did not focus only on catwalks. In addition, the young woman had an acclaimed career as a theater actress and competed in the Dancing for a Dream where she became a big star, in addition to having a stage as a television host.

After a passionate romance with Carlos Tévez and when her career was at a great moment, the model fell in love, got married in 2011 and left the catwalks. . Currently, she is completely away from the media and the cameras. Likewise, he divides his time between her little daughter and his swimsuit business.

Natalia Fassi.  Photo social networks.
Natalia Fassi. Photo social networks.

In 2011 fassi met the gastronomic entrepreneur Fabian Carballo and A few months later she was already expecting her first and only daughter, Life. The marriage came a few years later in the middle of 2016. Although the actress worked on television and theater in the early years of the little girl, she gradually withdrew and never returned. Beyond the fact that the ex-model under her media profile, she usually shows the girl on her social networks.

In one of the many posts he made with his daughter, he wrote: “I never imagined that you could love so much.” Meanwhile, in another post, she excitedly expressed: “She had never had her hands busier or her heart so full of love.”

Natalia Fassi and her daughter.  Photo social networks.
Natalia Fassi and her daughter. Photo social networks.

For his part, the former model is shown on his social networks, where he is very active, and describes himself as “Model, businesswoman, mom, animalist. I do not change my life to return to the media. The great pleasure of choosing”. She even, in several interviews, she stated: “Since I am a mother I have become more demanding with my work, there are things that I would no longer do. Because of my profession, I distanced myself from my family, I lost many Sundays with them and it is very sad. I don’t want my daughter to grow up without the affection of her mother because she has to parade ”.

Currently, the entrepreneur has set up her own company, called “NF”, which makes women’s swimsuits and often acts as her own model by wearing the original outfits she designs. Her brand slogan is “Meant for Real Women.”

Natalia Fassi wearing a bikini from her line.  Photo social networks.
Natalia Fassi wearing a bikini from her line. Photo social networks.

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