Juan Francisco Ibanez Echeverriabetter known as Pancho Ibanezis a highly recognized announcer in the media for his characteristic voice and his extensive career in radio and television, despite his long career, today he decides to stay away from the media.

At 79 years old, the renowned journalist gave a recent interview where he declared that he is still active, and specified the reason why he does not want to return to the mass media. He assured that he does not agree with the current content of television: “I am active. Although with the pandemic there was a stoppage of many activities that I carried out, such as presentations, meetings and events, I have continued working,” he declared in a note made by the Uruguayan newspaper The country.

Pancho Ibanez.  Photo file.
Pancho Ibanez. Photo file.

Regarding his current vision of the media, the announcer expressed: “As for television, I am quite critical of current content. I dream of a television that truly fulfills what it can potentially achieve: raise the level of a country, of a culture. It does not mean boring with science because even through humor and entertainment ingenious proposals can be generated that make viewers think and grow. The same applies to radio”, sentenced ibanez.

Pancho Ibanez and

The journalist began his adolescence living in Spainwhere he studied Law at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Although he decided not to practice law, during his student days he met his wife, Sofía. During the 1970s, ibanez served in Radio Nederland Wereldomroepan international broadcaster based in Hilversum, the Netherlands.

After his return to Argentina in the 1980s, ibanez He became the host of various radio and television programs. In the radio field, he stood out in the cycle “Every morning is a world” of Radio The world. In addition, he was the presenter of sports programs such as “Estadiovisión” and “The Sport and the man” where he immortalized the phrase “everything has to do with everything”, a registered trademark.

He stood out for having one of the most recognizable voices in the medium, it is worth noting his remembered performance in advertising for the dairy company the serenissima. About training him to achieve his iconic voice, she explained that it has been training over the years: “At 17 and 18 it must have started to change. But it has been with me since then, ”she declared in an interview about his main work tool.

Pacho Ibañez does not rule out returning to the radio but he does not go out of his way to do so either.

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