Sergio Basteri He is known for being the younger brother of the renowned singer, louis miguel, although he stands out mainly for his unfortunate story due to the fact that he witnessed all the violence his mother received, Marcela Basteri. Despite the fact that his last name has great relevance in Mexico, he decided to leave his native country to live a low-key life in Spain. At the moment, Basteri He does not have any kind of relationship with the singer and works as a merchant.

It should be noted that their mother has been “disappeared” since 1998, and when her husband, King Luisito, he took possession of the boys. Although in the series, produced by Netflixof Luis Miguel Unpublished details of his life could be known, the smallest of the Basteri He was always one of the characters that generated the most surprise because his story itself is an immense unknown.

Luis Miguel and Sergio Basteri during their youth.  Photo file
Luis Miguel and Sergio Basteri during their youth. Photo file

Sergiothe youngest of the children of Marcela Basteri and Luis Rey, was born on May 17, 1984, in Mexico City, with only six months of gestation and when Luis Miguel He was already the star he always was. Despite the great news of the arrival of the little one, it was at that moment that the almost unstoppable family problems began as a result of the bad relationship between the parents.

Finally, in 1985, the young mother got fed up with her husband’s mistreatment and decided to get away from him. Despite the great success that the youth singer had at that time, the one-year-old boy was left in the care of the woman who decided to return to her country of origin, Italy. Given her new life away from the Mexican media, the ex-representative faced health problems because she felt deeply alone.

Sergio Basteri moved away from Luis Miguel and went to live in Boston

The first years of the child’s life were quite complex due to the marital crisis and the distance from his closest circle, although the situation became even more complicated when, at the age of two, he unexpectedly disappeared. For the lack of his mother, King Luisito he took care of his youngest son and took him back to Mexico City. Following the work of his father and brother, he was raised by his father’s family.

when he passed away Luis Rey, Sergio Basteri was left under the guardianship of his paternal grandmother, Matilde Sanchez, and his uncle, Tito Gallego. Given the bad relationship they had with Luis Miguel, they dedicated themselves to turning the little one into a media figure for profit. Thanks to his vocal talent, his last name and television appearances, he was consolidating his career even if he didn’t want it.

As a result of the suffering of the youngest brother, “El Sol de México” claimed custody of the minor and took full responsibility for all his expenses. However, the lack of time due to multiple tours, recordings and commitments from his private life, meant that the interaction between Luis Miguel and he is not the best.

Finally, Sergio left his artistic career and moved to Boston with Octavio Foncerrada, doctor friend of the family In his new country of residence, he dedicated himself to his studies and distanced himself from the controversies that his brother’s life generated. After finishing school, he studied law at Boston College or Harvard and since then little is known about the young man. Basteri.

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