Lali Esposito is touring Europe with his “Lali Tour”mega show which in our country gave her the recognition of becoming the first Argentine woman to fill a Velez Stadium. Right now, the star who is in Milan is sharing her day to day with a young filmmaker named Lautaro.

In the last 24 hours they have been eating pasta, swimming in a lake, photographing picturesque Italian streets and enjoying the euphoria experienced at the pop star’s latest show. Such was the good vibes on social networks that many network users began to wonder who the mysterious “Lautaro” is.

Lautaro’s posts, Lali Esposito’s companion in Europe. Photo: Instagram

Who is Lautaro, the young man who accompanies Lali around Europe

Is about Lautaro Esposito, your cousin. They are currently together in Italy and have such a close relationship that they share all kinds of activities. In addition, the young video director was in charge of several clips of the singer, including that of I want everythingthe single that Lali sings with Soledad Pastorutti and Natalia Oreiro.

Lautaro Espósito and Lali Espósito having breakfast in Italy. Photo: Instagram

He also worked for other artists such as Dante Spinetta, Duki, Mau and Ricky, Fito Páez and Ricardo Montaner, among others.

This is the European “Lali Tour”

The first destination of “Lali Tour” was Francethen went through Swiss –presenting himself in Basel–, from there he went to Valencia, Spain Italy and also to Poland. Closing is scheduled to be in Alicante on August 17 and 19 within the framework of the Boombastic Festival.

Lali Espósito is touring Europe with the “Lali Tour”.

On the other hand, fans hope that before the end of 2023, the singer will add a new stadium in Argentina to close her great musical year.

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