In the esoteric world it is believed that the number 7 has magical properties closely linked to spirituality. That is why today many will use the energy of this day to enhance their manifestations.

The journalist Claudia Salto, specialized in astrology, commented from her social networks: “Today is really special as a 777 portal opens, being the 7th of the 7th month of the 7th year in numerology terms.”

In this sense, the specialist added: “This number is closely related to the planet Neptune, the spiritual, the mystical, but also with hypersensitivity. You may be feeling more sensitive today, both with your own experience and that of others.”

Tips for this day

Claudia Jump took the opportunity to leave some advice to his thousands of followers: “Disconnect from the outside world and connect with yourself, to see your present differently and free yourself from old patterns”.

To take advantage of this day, he added: “The function of this portal is to become aware of the available energy and develop abilities within each one.”

The specialist highlighted some activities or rites for today: “They can meditate, take some time alone, light a candle, relax and understand what this number is for. which is related to spirituality.

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