Santiago Marateaaccompanied by the historic former footballer Pepe Santoromade a Press conference in it Libertadores de America Stadium to inform how the collection that opened this Thursday will be carried out in order to raise more than 20 million dollars and so cover the debts that Independent has on their backs.

with little more than 400 million pesos raisedthe famous influencer, applauded for his spirit of solidarity and praised for his great outreach to young people and adults, made official the “challenging” collection that he started to help the Argentine club, through a trust that will belong to the fansTherefore, he remarked that the money will not go through the club.

“It’s a very challenging collection for me”began by saying Maratea at the press conference, to later tell how this initiative came about: “I have been friends with Marconi for many years. He would jokingly throw me about the collection and I would tell him how I was going to raise such an amount of money. Who was going to donate outside of the Red“.

Santi Maratea with the historic former footballer Pepé Santoro
Santi Maratea with the historic former footballer Pepé Santoro

“Transparency is the DNA of my collections”

Regarding the large sum of money that the collection would imply, and to calm those skeptics, Maratea pointed out “transparency” as one of the main characteristics that defines all his collections: “All my collections are traceable, everyone can see where each peso comes from and where it goes”. And he assured: “I know that I can handle 20 million dollars without missing a peso.”

After clarifying some points, Santiago Maratea went on to explain the modality, which due to the high number, required a trust and not a common account of an individual: “The trust is armed by the fans. We spend so much time talking to lawyers, it belongs to the fans and not to the club. The money does not go through the club, the responsibility for that money is mine.”

Stock Image: Santiago Maratea. (Photo: IG Santi Maratea).

Likewise, the influencer mentioned that it is not a common trust: “It is not a common trust. The representative is the president of a club, Diego, and Pepé Santoro, as beneficiary (representing the club).”

And he explained: “Because it is a trust, less taxes are paid that if an individual did it, and no interest. The trust has a cost. It is false that I would take 20 percent of the total. I would take 5 percent, which will not all be for me, it is for expenses.”

Regarding who will handle the money, Maratea made it clear that “The Board of Directors has no authority to decide what the money is used for“, but that is the task that corresponds to the trustee, in this case he:” It’s me, who can discuss it with the club and decide the use.

Santi Maratea’s collection system to reach his goal of 20 million dollars

As he has done since his first collection, Santiago Marateathrough his social networks, told in a series of stories of instagram that there is already four fixed payment links available (4 thousand, 8 thousand, 16 thousand and 32 thousand pesos), but also the possibility of contributing larger or smaller sums in the alias “Maratearojo”.

The surprising thing about maratea effectbefore ending the press conference, showed how much money was raised in the collection in just one hour: “We are already 74 million”. This morning the collection had exceeded 400 million pesos.

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