In recent months the artificial intelligenceHe has recreated many scenes and has transformed faces and places to show them in unimaginable ways.

Pope Francis, dinosaurs representing professions and singers who have already passed away have been represented and criticized, so people wonder how far this can go. virtual tool.

Now ChatGPT surprised netizens with a depiction of what an alien conquest of planet Earth would look like.

It is not yet known for sure whether or not there are aliens. This is one of the big questions for scientists and the world in general, despite the fact that there are specialized portals and people who have dedicated themselves to studying the alleged appearances of UFOs and aliens in various regions of the planet.

ChatGPT allowed Internet users a few days ago to have an approach to a hypothetical alien invasion, which represents two terrifying phases, if this were to occur according to Artificial Intelligence.

The first phase it would be intervention in world communications to prevent Earth defense from doing anything about it.

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Later, the aliens they would completely control natural resources such as water, air and land, which make humans able to live. In this way, the entire population would be at the mercy of the aliens, who would destroy all the civilization reached so far.

A TikTok user who claims to be a time traveler expressed that in 2671 the earth would be invaded by aliens. After this statement, the Pentagon published information about the existence of a mothership that roams the solar system, due to the abnormal presence of many asteroids. However, this information was misrepresented by those who are convinced of the existence of beings from another planet.

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