The sample “Who is the Man in the Sheet? A search for traces” will be inaugurated on Friday, July 7 in the parish Saint Benedict Abbot from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo (Villanueva 905, CABA).

Those who visit this exhibition will be able to appreciate a replica of the holy shroud, popularly known as “holy shroud”. It is 4.4 meters long and 1.13 meters wide. In this exhibition there will also be explanatory panels on the importance of this Christian symbol.

All the data of the exhibition.

In addition to this symbol, you can visit a series of Christian objects such as crucifixion nails, a spearhead, a crown of thorns and a 1.80-meter bronze figure that represents Jesus on the cross.

What is the Shroud

It is an object of great importance for Christian believers. It is a rectangular linen cloth that shows the marks of the body of Jesus Christ. According to tradition, the Shroud is the funerary cloth in which Jesus was wrapped after being taken down from the cross. Its defenders assure that the image that was printed on the cloth is “a divine miracle”

The Shroud.

The authentic Holy Shroud or Holy Shroud is found in the city of Turin, Italy, in a chapel built specifically to house this symbol that, for hundreds of years, has been the subject of debate and study. In 1978, American scientists assured that there was no evidence to prove that it was a forgery and determined that the image that is recreated on the cloth is “a complete mystery”.

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