After obtaining the world title in Qatar on December 18, the Argentine National Team was chosen to organize the Sub 20 world next month. After it did not classify directly and the FIFA will take the seat of Indonesia For political reasons, our country was classified directly and will play group A.

The debut of the Selection Argentinian sub 20directed by Javier Mascheranoit will be on May 20 with uzbekistan in the Único Madre de Ciudades stadium, in Santiago del Estero. Then, they will play in the same venue three days later with Guatemala. His participation in the group stage will end on May 26 against New Zealand in the San Juan del Bicentenario of the Cuyo province. All with hours to be confirmed.

He Sub 20 world It is made up of 24 teams divided into six zones of four teams each. The first and second in each group, plus the four best third-placed teams, add up to a total of 16 teams that advance to the round of 16. From there, the elimination phase will be played until the grand final that will be held on Sunday, June 11 at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium, in the silver.

The controversy over the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in Mendoza

Last Thursday morning, Federico Chiapettathe Undersecretary of Sports of Mendozahe said in an interview with aurora radio of that province that the name of the stadium could be changed Argentine Falklands. “It is a possibility, but not because of Mendoza, but because all the provinces are given the name of the province. They did not prohibit the name of Malvinas Argentinas, we had a quick chat; They are called Mendoza stadium, San Juan stadium, Santiago del Estero stadium, La Plata stadium and so on.“, said.

This statement immediately generated controversy and controversy. Whether or not they should change the name of the stadium Argentine Falklands for political reasons it was the subject of debate until other authorities came out to speak.

Matthias Lammensthe Minister of Tourism and Sports, said: “I participated in the meetings with the delegates of FIFAwith the President of the AFA Claudio Tapiaand at no time was the possibility of changing the name of the stadium mentioned Argentine Falklands of Mendoza. And if that had happened we would not have accepted it under any circumstances“. Therefore, according to the word of the former president of San Lorenzothe information was dismissed.

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