If there is something that defines Dario Barassi, It’s his good sense of humor. The Argentine conductor has managed to connect with the public from their homes due to the charisma with which he presents each of his projects, and now, he returns to acting with a series that the whole family can see and according to the preview he shared on his networks, the laughs will not be missing.

Is about crooked, the first sitcom of Disney+ for the region that tells the story of a man and his three children who inherit a chimpanzee named crooked, that will present several unusual and chaotic situations within the coexistence and that will not go unnoticed.

The fiction that began its recordings at the beginning of February 2022 in Buenos Aires, premieres this July 14, it will have a total of 13 30-minute episodes and will be available on the streaming platform, Disney+.

What is CHUECO about and what is the character of Dario Barassi?

Dario Barassi embodies the life of John Gustozzi, a music teacher who was widowed, but is accompanied by his children: Delfina, Martin and Vicentewith whom he lives in Mexico along with his housekeeper, Amanda.

In the official synopsis provided by the streaming platform, Disney+, They advanced that: “Juan makes great efforts to pay the bills, but his luck changes radically when he receives a large fortune as an inheritance. The condition to access it? Taking care of ‘Chueco’, the pet chimpanzee of the late uncle who left him the inheritance.”

Dario Barassi and the Mexican actress and comedian consolation duval (Amanda), the cast is completed by a trio of young Mexican talents made up of the actors Santiago Torres (Martin), alvarado duck Crockery (Vincent), and Maryel Abrego (Dolphin). In addition to the Argentine Agustín “I am Rada” Aristaránwhich will give the chimpanzee a voice.

The particular story of Chueco, the chimpanzee

The official site of Disney Latino also gave details about crooked, the chimpanzee that will get all the attention in fiction. The little animal comes to life Juan Gustozzi and his family because the uncle of the character played by Dario Barassi he passes away, leaving his fortune to his nephew.

But there is an important fact, so that Juan have the possibility of accessing that money, you have to take care of crooked, the animal of his deceased relative.

“Chueco has a great secret that Juan and his family must preserve since… he can talk! Full of mischief and with a privileged mind for mischief, the chimpanzee will lead the Gustozzi to experience crazy situations and the most hilarious entanglements”they detailed.

Crooked, the chimpanzee that will make everyone laugh in the new series by Dario Barassi.

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