Tatiana Orozco and Gerly Hassam Gómez made public at the beginning of 2022 that their marriage ended, after almost 20 years of relationship. After their breakup, both the comedian and Orozco have spoken publicly about what this relationship was like.

A year after their divorce, Tatiana spoke about how she received the news of Hassam’s cancer.

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The comment was made in a post in which a woman left her partner as cancer was “ruining my mental health.”

In the news thread, Tata de Oro, as he is called on social networks, said: “Well I’m not defending her, but I was throughout the cancer process with my ex and when he got over it he got other ones”.

(Also: Hassam signed an agreement to be single until death.)

The woman added: “What’s more, he was always with the same but the one who had the worst part was me. I should have gone to run a marathon,” he concluded.

The words of Hassam’s ex-wife went viral and received support from other women: “The important thing is not what he did, the important thing is what you did and that you feel good because you did the right thing”, “she did what many men do, they leave their wives when they get sick. It is rare that make a woman.”

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