Being this Sunday the last day of the month, and after having gone through several holidays in April, now it remains to be seen when workers and students will enjoy an XL weekend in the month of May. In addition, it should be noted that this month the Pre-Trip edition 4, a program thanks to which many people will be able to move around different tourist spots in the country spending less money.

In the next month, there will be 2 extended weekends that we will enjoy nationwide: Monday May 1: Labor Day (immovable national holiday). Thursday May 25: Revolution Day (immovable national holiday). Friday May 26: This holiday was created to create a bridge with the previous one, in order to promote tourism.

To calculate the payment during a holiday, you have to divide a month’s salary by 30, and subtract one day, which is the holiday. At the same time, the salary amount must also be divided by 25, according to article 155 of the Labor Contract Law, which mentions this division as the criterion for calculating vacations.

Finally, when the 29 days previously calculated have expired, the day calculated with the vacation criteria must be added, which adds a difference in favor of the employee.

immovable holidays

  • May 1st (Labor Day) – It falls on Monday.
  • 25 of May (Day of the May Revolution) – It falls on Thursday.
  • June 17 (Step to Immortality of General Don Martín Miguel de Güemes) – It falls on Saturday.
  • June 20th (Step to the Immortality of General Manuel Belgrano) – It falls on Tuesday.
  • July 9th (Independence Day) – It falls on Sunday.
  • November 20 (National Sovereignty Day) – Falls Monday.
  • December 8 (Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary) – It falls on Friday.
  • 25th December, Christmas) – It falls on Monday.

portable holidays

  • 17 of August (Step to the Immortality of General José de San Martín) will be held on Monday, August 21;
  • October 12 ° (Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity) will be celebrated on Monday, October 16.

Holidays for tourist purposes

  • Friday May 26 (Bridge with the holiday of Thursday May 25, Day of the May Revolution).
  • Monday June 19 (bridge with the holiday of Tuesday June 20, Step to the Immortality of General Manuel Belgrano).
  • Friday October 13 (Long weekend, four days, by transfer from Thursday, October 12 -Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity- to Monday, October 16.

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