The second edition of La nohe de los bares notables will take place next Friday the 14th from 5:00 p.m. to midnight. For this reason, the Buenos aires city It will have different cultural and gastronomic circuits open to the public.

The objective of tonight is to highlight the gastronomic places that are considered an emblem of Buenos Aires, either for their architecture as well as for their classic dishes that constitute the local gastronomy.

One of the most iconic events of this edition will be led by Narda Lepes. Together with a team of 10 chefs selected by her, the renowned cook will create a dish that will be incorporated into the menu of the remarkable Florida Garden bar (Florida 899, Microcentro).

This night will also highlight the presence of important gastronomic figures such as: Martin Sclippa for Café Cortázar (Cabrera 3797, Palermo), Chula Galvez for La Puerto Rico (Adolfo Alsina 416, Montserrat), Carlos Avalle for The Good Measure (Av. Suárez 101, La Boca), Emiliano Belardinelli for Eight Corners (Av. Forest 1186, Colegiales), Juan Gaffuri for Café Paulín (Sarmiento 635, San Nicolás), mercedes roman for Le Caravelle (Lavalle 726, San Nicolás), and Martin Lukesch for The New Brighton (Sarmiento 645, Microcentro).

Cultural activities of the day

For those who want to take a long tour and also learn about the history of the most iconic gastronomic places in the city, they will be able to enjoy three different buses in which at each stop they will be able to visit a different bar. This service will be available between 19 and 22 hours. The visits will be accompanied by guides who will narrate the stories of each space.

The Federal | The Poetry | colonial | south bar
Carlos Calvo 599, Defender Chile 502 Belgrano 599

Margot | Homer Manzi | Miramar | Cao’s Bar
Boedo 857 Boedo and San Juan San Juan, Independencia

Las Violetas Confectionery | Plaza Cafe | The Collector | The Old Mailbox

Cultural activities

In addition to being able to enjoy the gastronomy of each space, some bars will have cultural shows. These will be:

Stage 1 – Café Margot (Av. Boedo 857):
6:00 p.m. The Wandering Boys
7:30 p.m. Ana Fontan
9:30 p.m. Boleros Transhumanos (Theatrical performance)

Stage 2 – The Lighthouse (Av. de los Constituyentes 4099):
Milonga from 7 to 11 p.m.

  • Previous tango class for all levels.
  • Milonga Moran with music by a tango DJ.
  • Exhibition of a tango couple.
  • Cucuza Castiello Show

Stage 3 – La Puerto Rico (Adolfo Alsina 416):
Milonga from 5 to 9 p.m.

  • Previous tango class for all levels.
  • Milonga Puerto Rico with music by a tango DJ.
  • Exhibition of a tango couple.

Promotions and discounts in notable bars

This event will promote the visit of both residents and tourists to the different notable bars of the City of Buenos Aires. That is why during July 14 and 16 there will be different types of discounts and promotions. To see the list of participating businesses and their proposals, you can access the interactive map.

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