Wanda Nara established himself with an award that perhaps not even in his wildest dreams did he expect to win: a Martín Fierro to Revelation of 2022. It is that the cosmetic businesswoman shone last year with her participation in Big Brother, together with Robertito Funes Ugarte. In the last few hours, the host revealed where she keeps the precious award.

A few hours ago, social networks exploded with a photo that generated all kinds of opinions. Wanda shared an image emulating that December 19, when Lionel Messi woke up next to the World Cup, after winning the final in Qatar.

Wanda Nara’s post emulating Lionel Messi. Photo: Instagram

“Good morning, Buenos Aires,” wrote Nara -who returned to blond hair- with a pink bathrobe Hello Kitty next to the APTRA statuette. In the reel of images, she can also be seen in bed next to Mauro Icardi, with whom she attended the award ceremony – holding hands – more in love than ever.

Before Wanda’s post, some users criticized her for “copying” the photo of the Argentine player. “Wan, it’s not the World Cup”, “You’re not Messi”, “What is the need to copy Messi’s photo”, “You can’t imitate Messi, locate yourself”, were some of the -negative- comments he received .

Wanda Nara woke up happy after winning her first Martín Fierro.

On the other hand, friends and colleagues from the media such as Donato De Santis, Karina La Princesita and Roberto Moldavsky congratulated her.

Where Wanda Nara keeps her Martín Fierro

True to her style, Wanda opened the question box of instagram to talk with her followers who are very attentive to the diva’s day-to-day. In that sense, someone asked her where she placed the prize, to which she revealed that it was on her bedside table.

Wanda Nara revealed where she keeps her Martín Fierro award. Photo: Instagram

“I still don’t believe it. He is on my bedside table, now the children have asked me to put him in the living room, ”she said, with several emojis of excited faces.

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