A few days ago, Mica Tinelli (34) surprised his two million followers by whitewashing that he was disarming his Mexican house. Although at that time she did not provide details about her future, it was her boyfriend, Licha López, who confirmed the reason: she will stop playing in Mexico.

The athlete will be part of the team Al Khaleej. Therefore, the famous couple will move to Saudi Arabia. Yes, López will be part of the Arab league –for now– until June 2024.

For now they did not say how they will organize the move, but many remember that when they moved to Mexico a year and a half ago, he traveled first and, some time later, she joined.

How Licha López said goodbye to Mexico

The footballer made a post on his social networks to close this stage of his professional and personal life. “A year and a half, 40 games, 8 goals. It’s just a way to summarize my enormous commitment to this beloved club that I carry in my heart. I came to Mexico with great enthusiasm and willing to give my best. I say goodbye to the club with the enormous satisfaction of having given everything,” he said.

Licha López said goodbye to Xolos, the Mexican club.

To finish, he finished: “From today I am one more Xolo, encouraging from the place in the world where I am. I take them with me forever. We will meet again“.

Mica Tinellialways supporting her boyfriend, commented: “I love you and admire you. You gave everything and more! I am a witness that you left everything of yourself as you do in every club you are in. Tijuana made us learn and grow a lot in every way. Let’s go for more!”.

Mica Tinelli’s declaration of love

On their last anniversary, Mica Tinelli published a series of photos of them on social networks and wrote: “More than boyfriends I feel that we are great companionsand that’s what it’s about… I love the little world that we put together, with or without distance in between, I love our family with Rosi and León (and Charly who left physically but is always with us)”.

Mica Tinelli and Licha Lopez.

I love our laughs, our differences and everything that makes us grow as a couple and as people. Here’s to many more years of love, company and choosing us every day,” closed the young lover.

One of the photos that Mica Tinelli chose to celebrate the anniversary with Licha López.

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