A white jean is that type of garment that is very difficult to find, which is why we focus every spring and summer. Although the truth is that this month of April looks more like a typical July than anything else, we say it as we write this, dying of heat waiting for the sun to go down.

But these temperatures and anticipated summer also invite us to wear other types of garments that we are willing to find for you. One of them is the perfect white jeanswe have found them in Stradivarius and we are going to tell you why.

These white jeans are wide-legged so they don’t stick to the thigh, this has a plus because, on the one hand, they are very cool and on the other hand, they do not mark the leg, this is good for both those of us with wider thighs and for than those with finer ones.

A white jean that is perfect and cheap

It makes the legs look very slim and the fabric is not marked anywhere, for what interests us. On the other hand, they are high-waisted, we already know how we love this because of how the pants look, they reaffirm the entire part of the belly and hips and we feel supported.

Finally, the fabric it has is sufficiently reinforced so that nothing at all is transparent. So we are willing to show you this wonder and that you fall in love with it as much or more than we do.

You should also know that these white wide leg jeans from Stradivarius are on the web for a price of 26 euros and they fit in all sizes, so we love how they’re working and how great they’ll look on us this spring.

white stradivarius jeans


white stradivarius jeans



26 euros

Straight wide leg jeans