After his separation from Thomas Eurnekian, the model Angie Landaburu (29) found love again at the hands of a young man who is the same age. Is about Augusto Marini, a renowned businessman who knew how to conquer her and make her bet on a relationship again after a romance that lasted almost three years.

Although the way in which the crush occurred is not known, it was learned that he is president and CEO of the investment holding company CaleGroup and that has a very strong vocation for social causes: Two months ago, for example, she made headlines for making a donation of two million pesos with the aim of promoting early detection of breast cancer.

Angie Landaburu and Augusto Marini closer than ever

This Wednesday Angie and Augusto were present at an important event that took place at the Italian embassy.

Both they were in very good harmony and shared a pleasant moment with the more than 200 guests who attended the meeting. Among them, There were personalities from the world of entertainment, fashion, politics and the business sector.

Punta del Este, the city where the love story was made official

Angie Landaburu and Augusto Marini together this Tuesday night at a romantic dinner at “Don’t forget me”, a gastronomic venue located in Manantiales. Credit: RS PHOTOS.

One of the first times that they were seen together was in the first days of January when they shared a romantic Do not forget me, the gastronomic place of Nico Palacios Located in the exclusive area of ​​Manantiales. They both enjoyed a candlelight dinner on the sidewalk and the chosen menu was pizza. Those who saw them affirm that they did not stop laughing throughout the night.

Angie and Augusto, laughing on the night at Manantiales. Credit: RS PHOTOS.

The brand new couple arrived at the end of December, before Christmas, in Punta del Este with the aim of welcoming 2023 and spending the first days of the year in that exclusive tourist destination. And, while they were leaving for lunch at the Parador La Susana in José Ignacio, a HOLA photographer captured them very much in love.

But it must be said that they had no problem appearing together on various occasions since they also did the same at the opening event of Huma Rooftop Bar and Lounge at The Grand Hotel Punta del Este at the end of that month. They were also seen together at the beach and shopping. a couple that goes more than well.

Angie Landaburu spoke for the first time about the separation of Tomás Eurnekian

“It was a decision for both of us. We had a very nice relationship in which we both grew a lot. I met Tomás when I was 22 years old and today I am 29. We were great companions, we moved to another country, we spent the Covid abroad, newlyweds… ”, explained the top model in an exclusive interview with Hola.

“This was much talked about, we were accompanying each other in the process. Obviously, the link was transformed. We understood that we lived some incredible years and I’ll stay with that. I understand that love mutates, one grows and I missed Argentina a lot, that’s real. I am the youngest of six siblings, recontra familiera, that pulls a lot”, toadded.

Angie Landaburu and Augusto Marini made their romance official at the inauguration of HUMA Rooftop Bar & Lounge at The Grand Hotel Punta. Credit: Mass Group.

Regarding the rumors of infidelity, he confessed: “I am very calm with how things went. Here there are no third parties in discord. I separated and mourned in the United States, but we continue to communicate, with an excellent relationship. My close ties are healthy, my family, my friends, people who love me and in this process I bonded a lot with them, who know who I am”.

“It is never nice to hear lies, or things that are pitiful towards one and the person I love so much and with whom I was so long. I give it the fair and necessary importance. That is why it is important to put my word and say that we love each other very much and that I will always support and wish him the best ”, added.

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