Juliet Diaz (45) is living a romantic love story for two years with Gervacio Troche (46), a man away from the media and a lover of the low profile.

Gervasio is an Argentine illustrator of Uruguayan parents, who works for newspapers and magazines and has also published two books. invisible drawings and Luggage.

The cartoonist was born in the Avellaneda district on November 28, 1976 but, due to the military coup in force in the country, his parents went into exile first in France and then in Mexico. With the return of democracy in Uruguay in 1985, his family decided to return to Montevideo where he would find his passion for art.

In the 2000s, he began working at the prestigious newspaper La República, where his drawings were published for five or six years and, in 2009, he decided to open a blog to show his talent and became a recognized artist in the industry. Enlightenment in Argentina, Brazil, Spain and France.

Julieta Díaz and Gervasio Troche at the premiere of Asphyxiated. Photo: Courtesy of @Gerardo Viercovich.

In 2012 he made the first solo exhibition of his artistic works and it was clearly his definitive consecration. On social networks, Troche tries to show only his creative side without exposing his private life to the world. However, he has several publications in which Julieta Díaz has labeled him and from which he has not been able to escape, confirming his identity.

One of the most beautiful details that Gervasio had with Julieta is having created the font for the actress’ album with Diego Presa entitled: The reverse of the shadow. “How nice to make the typography to the EP of @julietadiaz77

and @diegopresabuceo ‘The reverse of the shadow’. You can listen to it on all digital platforms.wrote the lover of Julieta Díaz, showing off his girlfriend’s work on social networks.

To which very loving Julieta Díaz replied: “Thank you @portroche ! Your work is always beautiful”, adding heart emojis.

Typography created by Gervasio Troche for Julieta Díaz’s album. Photo: social networks.

This is how Julieta Díaz and Gervasio Troche met

Julieta Díaz and the cartoonist met in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic through social networks. At that time Julieta was in quarantine in Buenos Aires and Gervasio isolated in Montevideo. Despite the distance, the spark of love grew, month by month, due to their long conversations, and when the restrictions began to ease, they decided to meet in person.

“I am very much in love… I have been in a relationship for two years with a Uruguayan artist. The relationship lasts longer at a distance, but the subject of missing is hard. Sometimes two or three weeks go by and we don’t see each other.” Díaz recounted on his way through We can talkon the Telefe screen last year.

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