Madonna (64) is recovering at her home in New York after suffering a bacterial infection that kept her in intensive care for at least five days. But the one who accompanies her these days in her rest, after being discharged, is her partner Josh Popper (29), the boxer and coach of the diva’s children, who since last summer has had a beautiful love story with the queen of pop.

Josh is a boxing trainer and amateur fighter, but for some time he has been giving private classes to New York celebrities at his JOHN’S BOXING GYM. Recommended by other colleagues, Madonna decided to send her children to this sports center and it was there that they fell in love.

Josh Popper teaches Madonna how to prepare for a boxing match. Photo: social networks.

The one who confirmed the romance at first was the athlete, uploading a photo in February 2023 in which his girlfriend could be seen holding his arm, before he entered a boxing competition. The photo quickly went viral and the artist decided to end the speculation and publish an Instagram story in which she kissed him passionately.

In turn, in one of the videos on Madonna’s official account, Josh can be seen enjoying a family dinner with the singer’s children, very happy and integrated into the most important circle for the star.

Madonna and Josh Popper with family. Photo: social networks.

Very respectful and reserved with the situation that Madonna is going through, the boy preferred not to share any comment on the state of health of his beloved. But on the day of Maddy’s hospitalization, he wrote a very encouraging phrase, referring to the strength of her partner: “Give yourself permission to live a great life. Step into what you are meant to be. Stop playing small. You are destined for greater things.”

In addition to his illness, another of the very hard moments that Josh has had to be in for Madonna was the recent death of his brother, Anthony Cicconewhich took her by surprise since for several years she had tried to help him in his recovery from drugs and alcohol, paying for different medical hospitalizations that had no effect and made him distance himself even further from his relatives.

Madonna and Josh Popper very much in love. Photos: social networks.

What happened to Madonna and what will happen to her world tour

Madonna had been found unconscious on Saturday June 24 and then rushed to a New York hospital, where she was admitted to intensive care, due to a serious bacterial infection. She remained in intensive care, with the assistance of an artificial respirator and always accompanied by her eldest daughter, Lourdes.

The queen of pop was about to start a world tour with more than 80 shows planned, Celebrationbut was suspended due to her condition, her agent announced Guy Oseary.

Despite the scare, good news came from her friend Rosie O’Donnell. The actress posted an old photo of herself doing yoga together on her now-defunct comedy show and provided an update on her current health. “She feels good,” he wrote without further a grateful gesture for his followers on social networks, who were desperately looking for some good news from their closest environment.

Until before his hospitalization he had been rehearsing at the Nassau Coliseum. A close source confided in page six: “She had been working 12 hours, working energetically.”

“His health is improving, but he remains under the care of doctors,” assured in the official statement guy oseary, his representative. “She thinks she is invincible and has been preparing very hard for this tour,” a relative of Verónica Ciccone told the Daily Mail.

“At the moment, we must pause all their engagements, what the tour includes”. It was the artist’s twelfth world tour. The setlist was expected to be a review of her 40-year career in music, as well as a celebration of her New York City, which saw her emerge and grow.

“I’m excited to explore as many songs as possible in hopes of giving my fans the show they’ve been waiting for.” Madonna had said in the promotional video announcing the concerts around the world.

It is not the first time that he has faced problems in his body ahead of a world tour. In 2017 he had to cancel his shows because he had been avoiding knee ligament surgery for two years and also a tendon in his hip. In 2019, she too was forced to cancel Madame X due to consequences of this same injury to his knee, added to a general malaise.

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