Recently, China Suarez settled in Uruguay for one of his new projects, a film that goes by the name ‘Parking’, which will be released soon on Star+and where he shared the cast with (among other celebrities), the Spanish actor Marc Clotet.

The Argentine shared several photos and videos with the members of the film on her networks, however, it was her appearance with the handsome protagonist, who stole all the attention and did not go unnoticed on the networks.

On several occasions they were seen together, and they quickly bonded emotionally with him, after they spent a lot of time together in Montevideo on the set. However, to Marc Clotet His heart was stolen some time ago, as he is happily married to an actress from Madrid.

During a recent interview, the renowned actor acknowledged that he had “chemistry” with China Suárez, and this unleashed a wave of comments on networks, and a ship by fans. But, it would not be the first time this has happened, with someone from his professional environment.

“When I act is when I am happy. When I fly, when I am at this moment. We look at each other with China and it is a scene from which something will remain that we have lived together ”said Marc Clotet

What Marc Clotet said about China Suárez

“We have understood each other well from the first moment, and for me he is someone who gives himself one hundred percent,” the Spaniard began by saying about his colleague.

And later, he surprised with his compliments: “China is a great co-worker. It’s a pleasure because we have all day together and if it hadn’t been like that, it would be a shame. Because when it happens that you understand each other, that there is chemistry, and you share many moments, you have to talk and you understand yourself further, it’s lucky”, said Marc Clotet in a chat with ‘Faces’.

Likewise, the actor acknowledged that Eugenia “It has been a discovery of person”. Well, he made it very clear that from the beginning of the recordings they understood each other very well.

Who is Marc Clotet, the Spanish actor who drew sighs from Argentines in networks?

Marc Clotet He was born in Barcelona and is 43 years old, and according to what he told his path as an actor began when he worked in the marketing area of ​​a company and decided to take a course in New York, the best decision he made and which saw results over the years. .

And it was in 2007 that he took a drastic step, completely leaving his office job and betting everything on acting. His being his first important role, that of Vincent Cowboy, a physical education teacher in the popular youth series “Physics or chemistry”(Antenna 3).

He also gave life to a character in ‘Last First Day’, a project in Argentina starring JJuana Viale, Eleonora Wexler, Rafael Spregelburd and Ana Celentano.

Another of the facts for which he is remembered is for having married the famous Cuban actress in 2011. Anne of Arcs, with whom he lasted two years of marriage. Until he finally found love with the Madrid actress Natalia Sanchez, with whom he has two children: Lia and Neo.

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