Since its creation, in 2009, The Cuevana website, created in Argentina, has been in charge of distributing a large catalog of films and series for free that have been available to those with Internet access.

Thus, It is used by millions of people that sometimes do not have subscriptions to platforms of streaming like Netflix, HBO, Disney+, among others.

However, this has been classified as illegal. “It does not have “licenses to reproduce the content it offers, which violates intellectual property rights,” according to the Mexican media. Yucatan Journal.

Who is its creator?

By using free apps to watch movies, you can avoid the cost of subscriptions to paid streaming services.

There is constant talk about the website, but sometimes its creator is unknown.

Tomás Escobar, about whom not much is currently known, is the inventor of Cuevana. In fact, for 2011 he gave an interview to the most used technology blog portal of the time Alt1040 cited by rumblings, a website focused on reporting news, analysis and opinion. We tell you some details about Escobar.

The man, who today would be around 34 years old, began to experiment in a small room, located in Córdoba, Argentina, through the Internet.

“Users tend to embrace projects that are born from independent roots, thought by a few people or individuals. Obviously, once they are established it is something else, but they were born from below, and that is what the user seems to sympathize with. Examples: Twitter, Facebook, Google,” Escobar explained to the portal.

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At the interview, Escobar talks about Cuevana’s copyrightexplaining that at no time would he have been committing a crime, since the page has always functioned as an organizer of hyperlinks.

In addition, he explains that this website was born from a hobby. In fact, for that same year, in 2011, he planned to generate agreements with the distributors and producers so that both parties could profit.

“We are working to reach agreements with the industry, We do not want to go against it. Simply, this was the case from the beginning, as a personal need, ”he added.

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After 12 years since the interview, this has not happened. In fact, there are countries like the United States that have wanted to remove it from the Internet, but it has been impossible, since despite the fact that two versions of Cuevana have been removed, they quickly launch another.

In addition, this is considered dangerousbecause the “advertising or players that are generated within the page, download malicious tools such as the spyware or malwarewho seek to monitor all the activities that are carried out on the computer, being able to seize personal information”, mentioned the consultant and specialist in cyberculture issues, John Jairo Echeverry to Blue Radio.

Finally, despite the observations and recommendations, there are still people who defend it and continue to use it. These are some of the comments that are perceived on the Twitter social network:

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