If something characterizes the Met Gala it is that it is a fashionista event in which the most transcendental celebrities take advantage of such a spotlight to surprise and impact.

Although the figures are generally in the news for the extravagant looks that they put together with each designer months and months in advance (in this edition, for example, Jared Leto and Doja Cat surprised with their cat looks), The revelation of pregnancies landed strongly on the emblematic steps from the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

On that line, there were two celebrities who showed off their baby bumps (pregnant bellies) on the red carpet and surprised everyone.

Serena Williams: “Now I can stop hiding”

“Here we are three”Told him serena williams (41) to lala anthony during the live broadcast of the red carpet made by the magazine Vogue. The tennis star added: “I’m good, I feel good now.” Furthermore, she also shared her relief that her secret was out. “Now I can stop hiding”, he said between laughs.

This would be Williams’ second pregnancy with her husband. Alexis Ohanian, with whom he got married in New Orleans in 2017 and with whom he has another daughter together, olympia ohanian, 5 years. It should be remembered that the famous tennis player always pointed out that as she moved away from tennis, she thought of expanding her family.

Serena Williams wore an original Gucci to honor Karl Lagerfeld at the 2023 MET Gala.

Surprise! Karlie Kloss and her second pregnancy

For her part, the supermodel Karlie Kloss (30), who has a child with her husband Joshua Kushnerhe expressed to Emma Chamberlain her happiness when revealing that she is going to be a mother again: “I am very happy. This is the first time I share the news. So it’s very special.”

In that sense, the hostess of the Vogue live broadcast joked that the American supermodel was from “the only one who could sneak in with a baby”. Quite a joke since, clearly, the exclusive event is only accessible by invitation.

To which, Kloss, a veteran of the Met GalaHe replied: “I know. I have a plus one. Do not tell anybody!

For the special reveal of her second pregnancy at the iconic fashion event the model wore a black dress signed by Loewe in which the strings of pearls draped They framed her belly.

In addition to the use of pearls, another nod from Kloss to karl lagerfeld It was his hairstyle: he wore, with a black ribbon, the characteristic ponytail that the German designer used to do and was one of his trademarks.

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